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Active Posture Chairs

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  • Madiba2go Active

    Madiba2go Active

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    A cleverly unique posture support wheelchair that combines the successful multi adjustable Madiba2Go seating system with the rugged off- road wheel base of the SullyActive. The Madiba2GoActive is ideal for active children from 1yr to approx. 6 years who can self-propel, but require intermediate to complex postural support. The unique adjustable seating system offers rigid […]

  • Sam Active

    Sam Active

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    The Sam posture support wheelchair offers modular adjustable postural support features for active users who are able to self-propel yet have intermediate to complex postural support needs. It is designed to be highly manoeuvrable and yet stable, enabling the user to access both indoor and outdoor terrain. The long wheelbase allows for improved mobility over […]

  • Sully Active

    Sully Active

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    The Sully Active Kids chair is a specially designed rugged posture support wheelchair. It is ideal for energetic and curious young children who are able to self-propel and will benefit from independent mobility to explore the world. It is suitable for ages 18 months to 5 years and can adjust to accommodate basic to intermediate […]

  • WorldMade


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    A robust and sturdy 3-wheel design that provides extra stability and easy propulsion over uneven ground. Designed to provide at least five years of service, if appropriately maintained. Read more about the Worldmade Chair here.