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Static Positioners

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  • Izzy

    Izi Positioner

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    The iziPositioner is an in-vehicle posture support seat. It provides stable and comfortable postural support for wheelchair and buggy users who struggle to sit upright independently while being transported in a vehicle. It can be fitted into a range of different vehicles using an adjustable rear strap system. It is a useful addition to a […]

  • sq__0003_jack-stander

    Jack Stander

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    Our JackStander provides an all-in-one fully tilt adjustable standing solution designed to accommodate children in both prone and supine standing positions. The Stander allows children, who spend much of the day sitting in a wheelchair the opportunity to stand in a safe and supported position, with lockable indoor castor wheels ensuring the base frame provides […]

  • Lala Positioner

    Lala Positioner

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    The LalaPositioner is a useful positioning device designed to improve a child’s postural alignment when spending time out of the wheelchair. It can be used to position the the child while asleep during the night or for effective and comfortable positioning for short periods during the day. It helps to control severe muscle stiffness, spasms […]