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Madiba Buggy

Madiba Buggy

The Madiba buggy is Shonaquip’s original rugged rural posture support buggy. It was designed for children in need of more postural support than what a traditional wheelchair or stroller can offer. It is ideal for children and young adults, from the age of 6 months, who cannot self-propel or sit up independently. It provides full body support to help control spasms and muscle weakness and imbalances.

The unique seating system offers modular full body and head support cushions, which can be easily configured to optimally fit young and growing bodies. Using the adjustable tilt-in-space feature in conjunction with full body support enables optimal positioning and alignment of the child’s body, which can limit the risk of developing postural deformities.

With the benefit of large off-road wheels the buggy can easily overcome the most challenging of obstacles.

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Product Features

Madiba2go Buggy

Seating System

This modular bucket seat is made from durable fibre glass, which provides a solid surface to configure positioning cushions that can be shaped individually to create a custom positioning support for the end user. Ideal for users with high tone that require a stable and secure seat.

Madiba2go Buggy

Buggy Laptray

A basic removable laptray fitted as a standard feature provides both additional posture support to the user’s upper body and a useful surface for daily activities.

Madiba2go Buggy

Rigid 10 Base Frame

This rugged steel frame was developed to be stronger than regular urban buggy frames in order to cope with the challenges found in uneven rural terrain. It is easy to maintain and repair in under resourced areas.

Madiba2go Buggy

Off-Road Wheels

Wide, hard wearing 4 ply pneumatic rubber wheels provide increased stability and comfort to negotiate challenging off road and rough terrain.

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Sizes & Specifications







Base Frame

Overall width x length 560mm x
560mm x
610mm x
610mm x
610mm x
Weight base frame 10kg 10kg 10kg 10kg 11kg
Wheel size rear
(diameter x width )
260mm x 80mm 260mm x 80mm 260mm x 80mm 260mm x 80mm 260mm x 80mm
Turning radius 600mm 600mm 700mm 700mm 750mm
Track length 400mm 400mm 470mm 470mm 530mm
Tilt in space range 1°-24° 1°-18° 7°-19° 7°-19° 11°-21°
Load capacity base frame – Tested 60kg 60kg 60kg 60kg 60kg

Seating System

Seat width
(incl. 25mm inserts)
170mm 170mm 200mm 200mm 300mm
Seat depth range 200mm - 225mm 240mm - 265mm 290mm – 365mm 360mm – 435mm 380mm - 470mm
Backrest height range 400mm 400mm 490mm 540mm 550mm
Weight (incl. Posture Tray) 7kg 7kg 11,5kg 13kg 14kg