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Gibby Back

Gibby Back

The Gibby Back is a unique back system, combining tension adjustable back support with height adjustable trunk side supports. This uniquely designed back system makes it possible to contour the back to accommodate intermediate to complex asymmetrical spinal deviations and intermediate to complex kyphotic deviations while providing firm adjustable lateral support. This allows the user to sit balanced and upright, facilitating the optimal use of their arms and hands.

The back system should always be used in conjunction with a good positioning cushion to provide optimal postural support. It can also be moved between wheelchairs if the user has more than one device. The Gibby Back is also easily compatible with a wide range of different wheelchairs, both manual and motorised.


Product Features

Gibby Back

Tension (adjustable) Back Straps

The back section is available in 3 different heights, which are made up of adjustable Velcro straps for contouring the surface. The back is also angle adjustable through a range of 15° on the bracket allowing users who are not able to sit upright the opportunity to sit in a balanced position.
A removable padded cover conceals the straps and also offers a surface onto which further build-ups can be made.

Gibby Back

Back Contouring

Custom back contours can be created by individually adjusting the lengths of the velcro straps. The lower straps can be tightened to provide support in the lumbar area of the spine and the upper straps can be lengthened to accommodate the curvature of the thoracic spine, particularly if the user has a spinal deformity such as a kyphosis and/or Gibbus deformity.

Gibby Back

Trunk Side Supports

Rigid individually height adjustable side supports are designed to provide firm support on either side of the user’s trunk, helping to maintain good posture. Complex spinal deviations and asymmetrical postures can be accommodated by adjusting the height of the supports and using them to build up customised postural support.

Gibby Back

Attachment Compatibility

A set of 19mm & 22mm clamps are supplied with every back system enabling it to be mounted not only on Shonaquip’s posture support wheelchairs, but on a wide range of different manual and motorised wheelchairs.

Sizes & Specifications







Kids sizes

BH: 300mm

BH: 420mm

210mm SHORT 12" 200X100 200X100

Adult Sizes

BH: 300mm

BH: 420mm

BH: 500mm

210mm 12” 150x150 250x150 260x150
260mm 14” 150x150 250x150 260x150
310mm 16” 150x150 250x150 260x150
360mm 18” 150x150
250x200 260x200
410mm 20" 150x200 250x200 260x200