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Izi Positioner

Izi Positioner

The iziPositioner is an in-vehicle posture support seat. It provides stable and comfortable postural support for wheelchair and buggy users who struggle to sit upright independently while being transported in a vehicle. It can be fitted into a range of different vehicles using an adjustable rear strap system. It is a useful addition to a 24 hour positioning routine for the user.

NOTE: This vehicle positioner is not a safety seat, it only provides postural support. It must be used in conjunction with a vehicle’s safety belt system.

34 Hour JackStander


Product Features

Izi Positioner

Integrated Pelvic & Trunk Side Support

High-density foam supports integrated on either side of the back cushion provide appropriate pelvic and trunk side support and help to maintain overall alignment of the user while seated in a vehicle. An adjustable padded chest strap works in conjunction with the side supports to help maintain an upright posture.

Izi Positioner

Contoured Seat Cushion

A key feature of the iziPositioner is the specially shaped seat cushion that comfortably positions the pelvis and legs and stops the user from sliding forward.

Izi Positioner


A removable height adjustable headrest support cushion cups the back and sides of the head and nape of neck to promote the correct alignment and positioning of the head.

Izi Positioner

Rigid Back Panel

A rear contoured fibreglass panel maintains a natural lordosis for the user and provides a stable surface for the back and side supports to attach to, as well as securing a pair of adjustable rear straps used for mounting the positioner in a vehicle.

Sizes & Specifications






Back height 480mm 600mm 700mm 800mm
Back Width 280mm 320mm 350mm 400mm
Width between Side Supports 140mm 180mm 220mm 250mm
Seat length 280mm 300mm 350mm 400mm