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2019 Impact Report

Strategies for growing impact & changing systems

We go beyond service delivery

At the Shonaquip Social Enterprise (SSE), we are always committed to going above and beyond the ordinary to build long term, sustainable ecosystems for inclusion. We believe in the combined power of changing behavior and influencing systems by focusing on the quality of practice.

The four components we use to define and build ecosystems for inclusion are: (1) Barriers, perceptions and local referrals, (2) Posture support and seating services, (3) Education and (4) Learning and economic participation. The combined strength of these four components is the catalyst for sustainable systemic change.

What the evidence tells us

If we do not embrace an ecosystemic approach to inclusion, the existing siloed approach is simply not sustainable or underpinned by the social model of disability. As much as our approach is fundamentally inspired and informed by our beneficiaries, we identified the need to understand how the organisational process informs internal and external ecosystems.

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