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About Us

Shonaquip stands alongside all committed to the rights and equal participation of people with disabilities in their families, communities and broader society.

Over the past 25 years, we have provided more than 70 000 children with quality, adjustable, modular children’s posture support wheelchairs and posture management systems appropriate for resource poor settings.

Vision and Mission

Shonaquip is Southern Africa’s leading paediatric wheelchair services provider. We seek to influence this sector in its shift its approach from charity and pity to one of medical responsibility and innovation. We want every wheelchair to become a tool for everyday participation and ultimately give the user the best chance of becoming fully part of the life of their community.

We aim to provide appropriate accessible wheelchair support services and training for wheelchair users, their caregivers, community health care workers, rehabilitation, other professional service providers, businesses and government departments.
At the heart of what we do at Shonaquip is the child and family affected by mobility impairment. This includes those children with the most complex personal needs, who can be found tucked away in a home or care centre, kept out of the public eye, isolated and believed to have little capacity for learning and development. Too often this group struggle to access much needed health and seating services, or their needs are overlooked in favour of others seen to have more potential. We believe that all children are deserving of a chance to build on their personal strengths to develop further, no matter how limited they may appear to others.

As a team we are committed to support these children and their families to live happy, healthy and productive lives in their communities.

The social enterprise combines the efforts of the clinical and technical staff from Shonaquip, with Uhambo’s team of community workers, social workers and program facilitators to provide support and deliver services to children with mobility and other disabilities.

Shonaquip History
Shonaquip History
Shonaquip History

Using an integrated, community-based approach, Shonaquip focuses on comprehensive wheelchair services and training for 24 hour positioning (across the lifespan), while Uhambo drives community engagement, caregiver training, parent support and capacity building to create disability friendly inclusive communities. An appropriate wheelchair opens doors for the child but there are still other things which hamper them. Opportunities for participation begin to open up as carers become more empowered and as communities shift their attitudes to become more welcoming and inclusive of these children.

We offer outreach seating and holistic services aimed at building capacity of local staff in remote or less resourced settings across Southern Africa. This provides much needed assistance to families and communities who may find knowledge, services and skills training hard to come by or to access.

The partners of our hybrid social enterprise share a joint objective of creating inclusive barrier free communities for children with disabilities and their families.

We collaborate with our many service partners across the spectrum of government, private and community-based organizations to address inequalities and develop sustainable disability inclusive communities.