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Our service team consists of both seating practitioners and technicians. Our seating practitioners work intensively with clients, and are skilled in the prescription, fitting and customisation of posture support and mobility devices. Our technicians focus their skills on the devices, including wheelchair manufacture, assembly, modifications and customisation (in liaison with the seating practitioner) and maintenance of our range of devices. They develop high levels of competence in working with therapists and in assisting the therapists with client positioning and handling.

Seating practitioners are all dedicated to providing services aligned with international guidelines for comprehensive wheelchair service. They undergo specialised training at basic, intermediate and advanced level (through the Dept. of Health) to prepare them to provide quality seating services to people needing postural support and mobility devices. They are much more than sales reps for Shonaquip devices, instead make use of their professional knowledge (about different devices) and their judgement to make the best choice around equipment on the basis of a detailed assessment. They also mentor therapists and other support staff in centres and health care facilities across the country to build skills in seating which will have benefit locally. Well known for their clinic services, the outreach team (seating practitioners and a technician) share their skills and experience willingly in the most far flung places to build sustainable local wheelchair services that are more easily accessible to wheelchair users.

Most of our seating practitioners come from a background in occupational or physiotherapy. Well connected in the rehab world, they bring therapeutic skills to their seating services and are well placed to refer you for any additional support or therapy.

The technician will often be on site during fittings of the device to make sure that the device meets the need of the client perfectly. Sometimes this will require minor tweaking of the device, but at other times they will need to apply their technical expertise to come up with unique plans to solve difficult issues and accommodate existing deformities. They have the expertise and experience to impart skills to anyone interested in developing wheelchair repair skills, a much needed service across the country. They will encourage you to work alongside them as they participate in clinics and give you first-hand experience in routine care and repair skills like changing bearings, adjusting brakes, pumping tyres, tightening nuts and bolts on back supports and repairing lap belts and working out a plan to resolve uncommon problems.

Working as a close-knit team, they go the extra mile to ensure that Shonaquip offers a caring service to support families affected by mobility impairment. They will take time to listen to you and your child (even if your child cannot communicate easily), give you feedback about their assessment findings and the opportunity to discuss reasons for equipment choice and any possible alternatives, or the need for referrals to other service providers. Our clinical and technical team feed information from users directly to our design team.

During reviews, they will be especially concerned about whether the devices prescribed are working for you, that they fit well and remain in safe working order. They offer support for you as carer and work hard to ensure that you know how the device works, how to adopt a routine of positioning for your child, how to recognise when repair or replacement of parts is needed. Over years of service, you will find your seating practitioner and technician may become more like a trusted friend for you and your child.

Our clinical team is backed up by dedicated administrative staff who are always willing to share product information with you, check up on invoices and progress or arrange for you to see a seating practitioner for assessment or advice.

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