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Our factory houses a dynamic group of technically skilled people who know wheelchairs inside out. Together they see to the production and assembly of our Shonaquip range of positioners, wheelchairs and other devices in the factory. They are in constant liaison with our clinical team to make sure devices meet specs for individual prescriptions. They also work hand in hand with our design team to ensure that new designs and prototypes can become a reality.

Factory staff include those who specialise in upholstery and a dedicated team of administrators who oversee the operational efficiency of the factory to meet quality production and delivery targets for device provision across the country. Some technicians in the factory go on to develop high levels of technical skills which can then be well used to customise devices to meet the most complex client posture support needs, becoming an invaluable support to our seating practitioners especially during outreach service provision.

Some of our staff in the factory have disabilities, demonstrating their capacity to work productively in spite of being in a wheelchair or facing other challenges. They are part of the inspiration behind Shonaquip’s goal of growing enterprise development in the field of wheelchair services.