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Meet the Team

Shonaquip is proud of its team which comprises staff from a range of diverse contexts, language groups, educational and skills backgrounds.


Steers the different activities and programs of the Social Enterprise to ensure we make steady progress towards achieving our vision and grow our networks, partnerships and service base.

Design and Innovation

Underpinning our services are innovative products, designed in direct response to real challenges facing users and their caregivers. Aligned with internationally recommended design principles, tested and trialled, they are the foundation on which Shonaquip builds.

Business Support

This dynamic team coordinates and supports all our administrative needs and activities efficiently.

Shonaquip Team
Shonaquip Team
Shonaquip Team

Seating Services (clinical and technical)

Our clinicians and practitioners are the heart and soul of Shonaquip, providing both local and remote outreach clinic seating services in the community.

Clinicians are all trained in seating and willing to assist you in matching the right device to identified needs. Working daily with seating services, they quickly build experience and expertise in finding solutions to complex problems.

They will help you with seating assessments, individual fittings, modifications, customizations and are supported by technicians skilled in modifications, wheelchair maintenance and repair. They will also see that you receive follow up, support, and referral as may be necessary.

We also have technicians working at our dedicated repair centre on site at our factory, who maintain and re-furbish hospital equipment and used mobility and assistive devices, which can then be re-issued by a trained clinician.

Production and Planning

This team diligently coordinates and manages the wide range of production, operational and logistical challenges we encounter daily in providing country wide service. They balance the needs of our clients, the production teams in the factory, suppliers and design team.

Shonaquip Team
Shonaquip Team
Shonaquip Team

Manufacture and Assembly

Our team of technicians based at our factory provide the hard effort behind the scenes of Shonaquip to see that devices prescribed are manufactured and assembled according to specifications, ready for fitting by our seating practitioners. They are committed to keeping waiting times for devices to a minimum.


This team at the factory pulls out the stops on a daily basis to deliver a wide range of custom made and standard products. These provide Shonaquip products with the look and feel which reflects our commitment to personal attention, high quality and comfort.

Uhambo Foundation

Our programmes are designed to work together with partners in communities to create an inclusive society for the ultimate benefit of each child. Children with seating needs are always in the forefront of their minds for referral to Shonaquip for wheelchair related services. The provision of quality information, resources and holistic support are key to enabling social inclusion at all levels.

A social work team, alongside community workers, therapists and program facilitators, implements a range of programmes that target the needs of children with disabilities, including those with mobility impairment.

Offering awareness raising, family and community support, stimulation programs and caregiver skills, they work in centres and at sites across the country to empower families, carers and communities to better the lives of children with disabilities and include them in all walks of life.

Should you need assistance for your child with a disability, their widespread network with other services and organisations makes them a valuable resource to guide you.
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