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About Our Social Enterprise

Shonaquip is a hybrid social enterprise consisting of Shonaquip (PTY)Ltd, Uhambo Foundation (NPC) and the Champions of Change Trust. Together we share a joint objective or creating inclusive barrier free communities for children with disabilities and their families. Read our Shonaquip Social Enterprise FAQ

Shonaquip was founded as a result of Shona's personal experience as a mother of a child with a disability. Inspired by other families seeking similar solutions and support for their children along the journey, Shonaquip was born. The Uhambo Foundation was founded later in 2010 to grow Shonaquip’s community focused caregiver programmes. Shonaquip brings clinical and technical support to the community work of Uhambo.

Our Social Enterprise is committed to the principles of a fully inclusive society recognizing diversity and the right of all people to enjoy equal opportunities and to participate in their families and communities to their fullest potential.

Shonaquip Social Enterprise
Shonaquip Social Enterprise
Shonaquip Social Enterprise

With staff from different backgrounds and with differing skill sets, and including people with disabilities, our team includes technicians, therapists, social workers, and community based program facilitators.

Through advocacy, lobbying and policy development, we support the empowerment of users, their parents, families, caregivers and communities.

Both Shonaquip and Uhambo Foundation have voluntary boards consisting of leaders in business, policy and advocacy as well as providing legal and financial oversight.