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Barriers to inclusion – A case study: Swartland & Witzenberg regions, Western Cape, South Africa, September 2020

Read our Impact Team’s research article exploring the gap between policy and service delivery for families of children with disabilities.


Through nearly 35 years of field experience, interactions with Government and other stakeholders delivering outreach services, the Shonaquip Social Enterprise (SSE) is well aware of the barriers to and disability-specific costs in ensuring reasonable accommodation, support services and making mainstream services accessible to persons with disabilities. For example, when attending health and rehabilitation clinics the cost of transport suitable to accommodate wheelchair users along with their carers & mobility devices is prohibitive for many and leads to non-adherence to regular follow-up appointments at recommended intervals.… Continue reading

Oggie Air Personal Respirator

What is the OggieAir?

OggieAir is a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) for front line medical personnel that delivers safe, clean filtered air from a battery powered respirator unit via breather tube to create a positive pressure inside a lightweight hood that can be comfortably worn for hours on end.

Our Campaign:

We are utilising crowdfunding through our BackaBuddy Campaign to make 20 ‘first edition’ units, fitted with a certified filter material to prevent viral and bacterial exposure. The funds raised will be used to cover cost of manufacture (no profit) and fund next steps of development – the 20 units will be donated to Frontline workers and people with disabilities or their carers in high risk situations.… Continue reading