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Jack Stander


Our JackStander provides an all-in-one fully tilt adjustable standing solution designed to accommodate children in both prone and supine standing positions. The Stander allows children, who spend much of the day sitting in a wheelchair the opportunity to stand in a safe and supported position, with lockable indoor castor wheels ensuring the base frame provides a stable platform.

A standing frame forms an important part of a 24 hour therapeutic posture management programme.


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Jack Stander

Prone Positioning

By simply removing the headrest and changing the posture tray the JackStander can be converted to a prone positioner perfect for engaging in interactive play.

Jack Stander

Supine Positioning

In this position the JackStander can be tilted from the vertical to horizontal, providing a safe fully supported position for children with low tone.

Jack Stander

Adjustable Tilt

Lockable tilt can effortlessly adjust from 0° vertical to 90° horizontal, which allows for gradual adjustment into an upright position to slowly build the child’s standing tolerance and endurance. The horizontal position helps to place and position the child correctly onto the standing frame.

Jack Stander

Wide Range of Adjustability

The adjustable features of this device allow for easy adjustment of the pelvic, trunk, head and upper limb supports, ensuring maximum stability for each child’s unique postural requirements.
It can also adjust as the child grows for maximum usability, easily adjusted to be fitted for multiple users in schools, day care and rehab centres.

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Sizes & Specifications






Base Frame

Base frame size
(width x length)
620mm x 870mm620mm x 870mm730mm x 870mm740mm x 870mm
Castor wheel size50mm50mm50mm50mm
Tilt in space range90°-180°90°-180°90°-180°90°-180°

Seating System

Usable width170mm – 220mm170mm – 220mm200mm – 250mm270mm – 320mm
Length range750mm - 1100mm950mm – 1400mm1100mm – 1600mm1400mm – 1700mm
Max. user weight60kg60kg60kg60kg