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Lala Positioner

Lala Positioner

The LalaPositioner is a useful positioning device designed to improve a child’s postural alignment when spending time out of the wheelchair. It can be used to position the the child while asleep during the night or for effective and comfortable positioning for short periods during the day. It helps to control severe muscle stiffness, spasms and uncontrolled movements and is particularly effective in preventing extreme flexed or extended positions of the body, head and limbs. It also allows for controlling the positioning of the head to improve the child’s ability to breathe, swallow and socialise. Different users can be accommodated on the same positioner.

It is effective in promoting healthy growth and development of the hips, knees and spine in children by maintaining a normal and relaxed posture in lying, over longer periods.


34 Hour JackStander



Lala Stander

Foam Positioning Blocks

Removable blocks are securely attached onto the base mattress with Velcro. Severe and complex deviations can be accommodated by either moving these foam supports around or by customising the foam blocks to fit the users unique support needs. Their position can also be reversed to allow the child to lie on their opposite side to prevent stiffness and pressure sores.

Lala Stander

Rigid Foldable Frame

The rigid tubular frame holds the base mattress and back support in place. It can be folded flat for easy storage and transportation.

Lala Stander

Durable Covers

Durable, waterproof mattress cover. Removable, washable cotton covers for each positioning block.

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Sizes & Specifications






Base & back cushions

Base mattress size (width x length)1000mm x 600mm1200mm x 600mm1500mm x 600mm1800mm x 700mm
Base mattress thickness75mm75mm100mm100mm
Back mattress size
(width x length)
1000mm x 350mm1200mm x 350mm1500mm x 450mm1800mm x500mm
Back mattress

Posture support

Head cushion
(L x W x H)
540 x 215 x 50mm540 x 215 x 50mm540 x 310 x 100mm640 x 300 x 125mm
Leg Block Large
(L x W x H)
400 x 300 x 50mm550 x 350 x 75mm600 x 385 x 100mm700 x 390 x 150mm
Leg Block SMALL
(L x W x H)
220 x 150 x 100mm350 x 150 x 100mm380 x 180 x 150mm450 x 180 x 150mm