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Madiba Custom

Madiba Custom

The Madiba Custom is our most adaptable mobile seating platform. It offers a complete customisable full body seating system, which can be altered at our custom workshop to accommodate the most advanced postural needs from young children through to adults.

With the benefit of large off-road wheels the buggy can easily overcome the most challenging of obstacles.

24 hour- Izi Positioner



Madiba2go Custom

Seating System

This bucket seat is made from durable fibre glass, which provides a solid surface to configure positioning cushions that can be shaped individually to create a custom positioning support for the end user. Ideal for users with complex postural needs requiring advanced customised seating.

Madiba2go Custom

Custom Footbox

The footbox can be adjusted in height and depth to ensure the correct position of both feet and legs, improving sitting balance, providing comfort and ensuring optimal pressure distribution. Sides are padded to prevent injury.

Madiba2go Custom

Rigid 20 Base Frame

This rugged steel frame was developed to be stronger than regular urban buggy frames in order to cope with the challenges found in uneven rural terrain. The customisable frame allows for set back axle positions to accommodate complex custom seating.

Madiba2go Custom

20” Rear Wheels

Quick release 20” rear wheels have been mounted with a slight camber to provide improved manoeuvrability and stability on both level and uneven terrain..

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Sizes & Specifications

This is a starting point for your Madiba Custom. Contact us for more information to suit your individual needs.







Base Frame

Overall width x length560mm x
560mm x
610mm x
610mm x
610mm x
Weight base frame10kg10kg10kg10kg11kg
Wheel size rear
(diameter x width )
260mm x 80mm260mm x 80mm260mm x 80mm260mm x 80mm260mm x 80mm
Turning radius600mm600mm700mm700mm750mm
Track length400mm400mm470mm470mm530mm
Tilt in space range1°-24°1°-18°7°-19°7°-19°11°-21°
Load capacity base frame – Tested60kg60kg60kg60kg60kg

Seating System

Seat width
(incl. 25mm inserts)
Seat depth range200mm - 225mm240mm - 265mm290mm – 365mm360mm – 435mm380mm - 470mm
Backrest height range400mm400mm490mm540mm550mm
Weight (incl. Posture Tray)7kg7kg11,5kg13kg14kg