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Madiba2go Buggy

Madiba2go Buggy

The award winning Madiba2GoBuggy is a rugged off-road posture support buggy specifically designed for children who need more postural support than a traditional wheelchair or stroller can offer, but who will benefit from this new easily transportable design. It is ideal for children, 6 months and up, who cannot self-propel and/or are unable to sit independently.

The unique seating system offers rigid adjustable full body and head support, which can easily fit and accommodate young and growing bodies. In addition to this support, tilt-in-space and backrest recline allow for optimal alignment and postural support during functional activities while also minimising the risk of the development of postural deformities.

A special feature of the Buggy is the rugged, folding base frame, making the Madiba2GoBuggy easy to transport and store.


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Madiba2go Buggy

Rigid Full Body Posture Support

The Madiba2Go modular seating system can be fully adjusted in back height, seat length and trunk width, along with back to seat recline of 20°. All these supports are designed to ensure an optimal fit for each individual user, guaranteeing comfort and the best alignment of the body.

Madiba2go Buggy

Buggy Laptray

A removable height and depth adjustable laptray provides both additional posture support to the user’s upper body and a useful surface for daily activities.

Madiba2go Buggy

Folding Base Frame

This foldable rugged steel frame was developed to be stronger than regular urban buggy frames in order to cope with the challenges found in uneven rural terrain. It is also easy to maintain and repair in under resourced areas.

Madiba2go Buggy

Off-Road Wheels

Wide, hard wearing 4 ply pneumatic rubber wheels provide increased stability and comfort to negotiate challenging off road and rough terrain.

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Sizes & Specifications






Base Frame

Overall width x length600 x 900mm600 x 900mm600 x 900mm600 x 900mm
Folding size - Base frame
(W x L x H)
600mm x 800mm x 260mm600mm x 800mm x 260mm600mm x 800mm x 260mm600mm x 800mm x 260mm
Weight base frame13kg13kg13kg13kg
Wheel size rear
(diameter x width )
260mm x 80mm260mm x 80mm260mm x 80mm260mm x 80mm
Turning radius500mm500mm500mm500mm
Push handle height range850 – 1050mm850 – 1050mm850 – 1050mm850 – 1050mm
Tilt in space range5°-30°5°-30°0°-17°0°-17°
Load capacity Base frame – Tested60kg60kg60kg60kg

Seating System

Seat width
(incl. 25mm inserts)
Seat depth range170mm - 260mm240mm – 320mm290mm – 360mm370mm - 470mm
Backrest height range310mm – 410mm280mm – 380mm370mm - 440mm400mm – 500mm
Backrest recline range95° - 115°95° - 115°100° - 115°100° - 115°
Weight incl. Posture Tray6kg6,5kg7.5kg9.5kg