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Snoekie Active


Our Snoekie Active is an upright wheeler designed to provide children with all the benefits of supported standing in a device that they can also independently self-propel with. Supported standing assists with controlling severe muscle stiffness, spasms and uncontrolled movements and is a great way for children to interact with their peers.

A Snoekie Active forms an important part of a 24 hour therapeutic posture management programme.


24 Hour Sully Active



Prone Positioning

The supported prone position is perfect for propelling and engaging in interactive play.


Securing Straps

The straps can be adjusted to provide a snug fit around the child’s body to help in maintaining the correct posture.


Adjustable Tilt

The lockable tilt can effortlessly adjust through a range of angles allowing for gradual adjustment to slowly build the child’s standing tolerance and endurance.



Large wheels, 24” on size Baby and Small and 26” on size Medium, enable easy manoeuvrability over obstacles.

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