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Sully Active

Sully Active

The Sully Active Kids chair is a specially designed rugged posture support wheelchair. It is ideal for energetic and curious young children who are able to self-propel and will benefit from independent mobility to explore the world. It is suitable for ages 18 months to 5 years and can adjust to accommodate basic to intermediate postural support needs.

It is designed to be highly manoeuvrable and yet stable, allowing users with varying levels of mobility skills to safely access more demanding terrain.


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Sully Active

Active Seat

The modular rigid active paediatric seat is available in 3 width sizes and can be configured with adjustable seat depth and Centre Of Gravity. An appropriate back system can be attached to the reclinable push handles to optimally position the user.

Sully Active

Kidney Headrest

The removable Kidney type headrest is adjustable through a range of different positions. It cups the back and sides of the head and nape of neck to promote the correct alignment and positioning of the head.

Sully Active

Active Base Frame

The rugged frame was developed to be stronger than regular urban wheelchair frames in order to cope with the challenges found in uneven rural terrain. The long wheelbase allows users with basic mobility skills to safely access more demanding terrain.

Sully Active

Cambered Wheels

Quick release 20” diameter rear wheels, with off-road tread, have been mounted with a slight camber to provide improved manoeuvrability and stability on both level and uneven terrain.

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Sizes & Specifications





Base Frame

Frame typeRigid foldingRigid foldingRigid folding
Overall (width x length)560mm x 800mm610mm x 800mm660mm x 800mm
Total weight (excl. back system)14.5kg17kg18kg
Wheel size Rear
(diameter x width )
20" x 1,95"20" x 1,95"20' x 1,95"
Turning radius480mm500mm500mm
Track length400mm400mm400mm
Push handle height range760mm760mm760mm
Tilt in space range (on standard setup)0°-20°0°-20°0°-20°
Load capacity base frame60kg60kg60kg

Seating System

Seat width 200mm250mm300mm
Seat depth range175mm - 250mm250mm – 350mm250mm – 350mm
Footrest (width x depth)290mm – 170mm290mm – 170mm320mm – 220mm
Footplate height range (below cushion)120mm - 230mm220mm - 310mm220mm - 310mm
Backpost recline range90°-110°90°-110°90°-110°
Back System back height300mm300mm300mm
Back System trunk width127mm - 178mm178mm - 229mm229mm - 279mm
Back System side support (height x depth)210mm - 150mm210mm - 150mm210mm - 150mm