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Shonaquip has a range of positioning and mobility devices as well as wheelchair cushions and therapy equipment for use by people with mobility impairment. They offer options for 24 hour positioning for the user, which enable participation in daily activities like playing, learning, socialising or resting. They also can reduce the many demands on the carer.

Mobilty Devices

Designed to suit local conditions, our range of devices meet a wide range of postural support needs across the lifespan. Many of our devices are available on national tender.

Our devices suit both adults and children, including those who are fully dependent, unable to sit upright and needing to be pushed by a carer, to the most active youngster who propels his wheelchair independently. Children from as young as a few months old can be successfully seated in a device.

Positioning Devices

Shonaquip's body positioners allow for 24 hour postural management of the user. They help to maintain joint alignment, range of movement and stability, reducing abnormal tone and giving opportunity for the person to experience the world from a different viewpoint.

Positioning options include back supports, static positioners, cushions and therapy equipment.