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Mobility Devices

These include Shonaquip’s unique modular design of buggies and wheelchairs. They are suited to our local terrain and offer features, accessories and adjustable options for a wide range of ages, posture support needs and functional abilities.

Devices include both manual and motorised options.


Shonaquip’s range of buggies are specialized wheelchairs designed to provide full body and head support for users who cannot sit independently and need more posture support than basic folding frame wheelchairs offer.

Typical prams or strollers fall far short of providing the necessary postural support for these children.

Buggies can be used for longer periods during the day and usually need to be pushed by a carer.

Madiba2Go Buggy

New design, adjustable, foldable, modular buggy for children who cannot sit upright or propel independently (flat pack)

Madiba Buggy

Original rugged, rural posture support buggy for children who cannot sit upright or propel independently.

Madiba Custom

Adaptable, customisable, attendant propelled mobility device accommodating the most advanced postural needs of young children through to adults.

Active Posture Chairs

Shonaquip's range of postural support wheelchairs provide optimal postural support to more active children and adults. The posture support range is highly adjustable and provides pelvic, trunk and head support while still allowing the user freedom to self-propel.

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Sully Active

Rugged posture support wheelchair, highly manoeuvrable, suited to active, exploring child who can self-propel.


Modular device combining buggy- type posture support with active self-propelling base to increase child’s independent manoeuvrability (flat pack).


Posture support wheelchair with long wheelbase; suits more active, older user with intermediate to complex postural support needs who can self-propel both indoors and outdoors.

Snoekie Active

An upright wheeler offering the benefits of a standing position with the independence of self-propelling.


3-wheel long wheelbase wheelchair suited to active users who need a robust, rugged manoeuvrable wheelchair to propel over rural terrain (assembled and fitted by Shonaquip).

Power Chairs

A power chair is propelled by an electric motor rather than manual power, providing optimal adjustable postural support and mobility to the user who cannot sit upright unsupported and who may need someone to push them where they need to be. It gives much needed opportunity and freedom of movement to people with severe mobility impairments.

Power Base

A rugged frame paired with strong motors and grippy wheels make the power base option an ideal solution for users who aren't able to self propel but require a power assistive mobility option.