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A cushion should be seen as an important part of the user’s seating. A well designed cushion may improve stability and comfort, and can reduce the risk from pressure sores.

No wheelchair user should be sitting without a suitable wheelchair cushion. Pillows, small cushions and rolled up blankets are poor substitute for a properly designed wheelchair cushion. There is no one ideal cushion which suits everyone. Like wheelchairs, cushions must be chosen to meet the needs of each user. Get proper advice from your seating practitioner.

No cushion lasts forever, each cushion should be reviewed during follow- ups to check whether they need replacement.

Jarik Fluid cushion

A durable, fluid filled cushion with moulded foam base for positioning and prevention of pressure sores, and with removable, washable urine- proof covers.

Pressure Care cushion

A 2-layered cushion for comfort with a firm chip foam layer, a soft high density foam layer, and removable washable covers.