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FAQ's - General

Can I speak directly to a Shonaquip seating therapist?
A Shonaquip therapist may be contacted directly at the office during office hours or by email. The receptionist will direct you to the right person at Shonaquip to help with your query.
Are your practitioners trained in seating?
All Shonaquip seating practitioners have been trained in seating. Most have a background in Occupational or Physiotherapy. Our seating practitioners follow all steps recommended by World Health Organisation for wheelchair service provision.
Can a therapist visit a child at home or at a centre?
Speak to a therapist at Shonaquip should you wish to arrange a visit at home or at a centre.
Which Shonaquip devices are available through the tender?
A full list of Shonaquip devices and codes available through the tender can be requested from . Products remain constant on the tender for 3 years but costs typically increase each year.
Where can I get a catalogue of devices?
A catalogue of Shonaquip devices is available from .
Can I get a list of prices and codes of tender devices? Where can I get advice about the tender?
Quotes are generated on the basis of an assessment. Prices can be given for standard devices but as soon as customization is required, this will need to be individually generated once client is referred as a ‘private’ client. Contact for more information about the tender and process required to order Shonaquip devices for your hospital.
Are spec sheets available for the different devices?
Spec sheets for the Shonaquip range of device are available from .
Where in Africa does Shonaquip currently provide devices?
Apart from South Africa, Shonaquip is currently providing devices in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia (tender), Lesotho and Uganda.
Does Shonaquip offer occupational or physiotherapy for children with mobility impairment?
Our therapists can offer basic advice related to positioning and make recommendations or referrals for specific therapy to any of our many partner organisations and services.
When is your next seating training scheduled?
Shonaquip training is not scheduled for specific days/dates during the year. If you are looking for regular basic, intermediate and advanced level training in South Africa, contact Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre. Product training, outreach seating clinics and informal mentoring can be scheduled at different sites per arrangement.
How much does training cost?
Training cost depends on the type of training, the site of training, the number of participants and resources required for training. It is also dependent on whether accommodation and transport will be required. Product training in the use of Shonaquip devices is available by arrangement as part of the tender.
Where can I attend training by Shonaquip?
Shonaquip delivers much of their training during outreach trips to regions across South Africa and further afield. Trips are scheduled to optimise the opportunities for training and mentoring, and so often include outreach clinics where hands-on opportunities to learn are possible. If you work in a private practice, contact Shonaquip to find out when the clinical team will next be in your area. You are welcome to participate in any scheduled training. If you are interested in learning more about Shonaquip devices and how best to use, adjust and care for them, please contact or .
Does Shonaquip train university students?
Shonaquip has for many years provided short seating workshops at different levels to medical or allied health professional students in university departments across South Africa. Please contact or if you are interested in a workshop for students or to prepare students for their community service.
Does Shonaquip train caregivers on 24 hour positioning and the use of Shonaquip devices?
Yes, Shonaquip often trains carers in how to use, adjust and operate wheelchairs and positioners. They can also be taught how to use the wheelchair to improve participation of user in daily care, education and other activities. They will also be taught how to handle users in ways that are safe and effective for both the user and the carer.
Does Shonaquip offer training in repair?
Shonaquip is passionate about upskilling more community technical support for wheelchair users. Workshops can be arranged for local hospital technicians, therapists or wheelchair users to introduce them to the basics of repair. Contact ShonaTech for more information about wheelchair repair as a career.
Does Shonaquip offer internships at the organisation?
Yes clinical, technical, design and wheelchair repair internships are some of the opportunities are possible for local and foreign students. These can be applied for through Shonaquip, will likely extend over a few weeks/months and will typically include a project, report or other deliverable. They will need to be supported with funding. Contact Sarah@shonaquip to discuss the possibility of an internship.