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FAQ's - Parents

Why should I consider a mobility device from Shonaquip?

Shonaquip is a leading manufacturer of children͛s devices in South Africa, having been involved in wheelchair manufacturing for over 30 years. Our services and products are aligned to global best practice in wheelchair services as recommended by World Health Organization and our seating practitioners, many with a therapist background, are specifically trained in seating. Shonaquip devices not only meet the specific posture support needs of your child, but they are designed for local conditions. They especially fill a gap for people who need a lot of posture support to be able to sit upright and move around safely. Replacement parts are locally available.

Shonaquip devices are backed up by services including clinical and technical services, training of users and carers and referrals to connect you to additional support and resources through our many partner organizations.

How do I know if my child needs a Shonaquip device and which one is most suitable?

If your child has difficulty sitting up and moving about and is not developing like his/her siblings or peers, it is recommended that you have your child assessed by a trained developmental specialist, Physio or Occupational therapist who can help decide whether your child should have a seating/mobility device.An assessment will determine which wheelchair will be most appropriate.

My child cannot push a wheelchair? Is there any device that Shonaquip can recommend?

Shonaquip has a range of devices which do not require the child to be able to push him/herself, yet offer appropriate posture support and reduce the load on the carer. Your therapist will also assess and recommend whether a motorized wheelchair will be appropriate for your child.

I don’t live in Cape Town. How do I get a Shonaquip device?

Contact a therapist at your local clinic, hospital or private practice for a full seating assessment. Shonaquip is happy to liaise with therapists across the country who need any assistance in the prescription of a device. Shonaquip does have a seating therapist in Centurion and in Port Elizabeth and our clinical team conducts outreach clinic activities across SA at intervals during the year. Please contact for further information or assistance in this regard.

Can my child’s physio or occupational therapist do my child’s assessment and measurement for a Shonaquip device?

Yes this can be done. If the therapist is not a seating practitioner, your therapist can contact a Shonaquip therapist for assistance as required.

I would like to purchase a Shonaquip device but it is too expensive?

Shonaquip can provide advice with regard to contact details of funders who may be assist you.

Does Shonaquip/Uhambo hire out or rent out wheelchairs?

Shonaquip does not routinely hire out wheelchairs or buggies. If you wish to hire a temporary mobility device, contact CE Mobility, Primacare or Wynberg Pharmacy.

How do I make an appointment for an assessment for a device?

Contact the Shonaquip office for an assessment to be arranged with a seating therapist. If you do not have a medical aid, visit your nearest hospital where you can be assessed for a device. If your child is not linked to any hospital/clinic, you can contact Shonaquip directly for more information regarding private purchase or for advice around funding.

How long will it take to get my Shonaquip device after assessment?

The typical time it takes for a device to be fitted after assessment varies, depending on whether the device is standard/ customised and where you live/your local hospital seating service. It should ideally be within 6 -8 weeks once a 50% deposit is settled. The device fitting time will also depend on the availability of a local trained seating practitioner to do the fitting. Should the device be highly customised or a power device this may affect the lead time.

Why do I need a buggy if I already have a pram for my child?

As soon as you notice that your child is not sitting, moving and developing in a similar way to other children of the same age, it would be a good idea to have your child assessed. A pram does not always offer the correct support and alignment or adjustability for a child that is not developing in the typical way. If correctly supported in a posture support device, the child can interact, play more easily and be fed comfortably and safely. There are benefits for the carer too in terms of caring for and transporting the child.

The child can be assessed as young as 6 months for a device to provide the correct support while sitting up. If the child is able to self- propel as he/she gets older or stronger, a more active wheelchair can be prescribed.

Does Shonaquip supply a basic folding frame wheelchair?

After a thorough and in depth assessment has been done, Shonaquip seating practitioners will work with you to determine which device will work best for the client in need of a mobility device. If this is a folding wheelchair or any other wheelchair that Shonaquip does not manufacture, we will be able to assist you by referring you to another supplier or assist you to order this device needed from the supplier.

My child cannot sit up at all without support. Does Shonaquip provide a wheelchair that supports my child properly?

Shonaquip is a leading wheelchair provider for children needing special or customised posture support in a mobility or positioning device. Once your child has been assessed by a Shonaquip seating practitioner or affiliate, they will make a recommendation as to the device that is best suited to support your child in a good sitting posture, suit their needs and environment and encourage them to be as independent as possible

Can an adult be prescribed a buggy?

Yes it is possible in some circumstances (especially the original Madiba Buggy), and will depend on the specific needs of the user. Your therapist will discuss what other devices could provide more suitable appropriate posture support for the older user.

Can my Shonaquip device be dismantled for transport or storage?

Yes, Shonaquip devices are able to be folded for storage or transport. Special attention has been given to easy folding mechanisms for the more recent designs of devices as we know from feedback from our clients how important this is for them.

Can I trial a mobility device from Shonaquip?

A device may be trialled by arrangement with a Shonaquip therapist if available. A consent form should be signed before trialling the device for a period of 7 or 14 days.

Can Shonaquip assist with communication with my medical aid?

Shonaquip can support your application to medical aid with a letter of motivation as required to facilitate the process. Contact should you require assistance.

Does Shonaquip prescribe and fit devices for adults too?

Yes, Shonaquip does prescribe wheelchairs for adults although there is a special focus on the younger client with more posture support needs.

Can I order a Shonaquip device if I live outside South Africa?

Yes, this is possible. Shonaquip currently supplies devices beyond our borders.

Can a second device be ordered for a child who attends school?

The need for this will be assessed by your therapist at Shonaquip. Sometimes it is practical for this if transport is not available to move the wheelchair between home and school each day.

Does my Shonaquip device need to be fitted by a seating therapist?

Yes, it is best if a therapist trained in seating can do the final fitting in the device. This is because the cushion will need to be specially fitted and small changes may be necessary to ensure comfort, correct posture support and safety.

I live far away from Shonaquip? How do I get my device fitted?

It is very important that your device is fitted by a person who is trained to do this. Simple adjustments often need to be made once the device has been assembled to ensure that is safe for the client to use. It is useful to contact a local therapist to liaise with a Shonaquip therapist if there is no seating practitioner in the area.

Can a Shonaquip therapist to a home visit for my child?

In a situation where a child is unable to come into the office, it may be possible for a Shonaquip therapist to assess or review your child at home. You will need to contact your therapist directly should this become necessary.

How often should a wheelchair user’s seating be reviewed by a therapist?

Within a week or 2 after your device is fitted, give feedback to your therapist about how the user is doing with the device. This is to iron out any initial problems. Following this, every wheelchair user should have a review by a therapist at least every 3-6 months (or sooner if there is a problem). However if you have a very young user whose needs change more frequently, it is advised to be reviewed even more often.

This review will re-assess both the user and the device and make any modifications, recommendations, referrals or prescription of a new device as necessary. Any top-up training in use of the device can also be done.

My device needs a service/repair? Can I speak to someone at Shonaquip about it?

You may speak to your therapist at Shonaquip to arrange a review or you can contact at ShonaTech (on site at Shonaquip) should you wish to bring it in for attention. Call Shonaquip for information about spares/parts replacement.

Should my child continue to use the device if he/she has a pressure mark/sore on the skin?

It is recommended that you keep the child out of the device/away from area causing pressure until any redness has gone away. Seek medical advice if there is any further development of the sore and be sure to inform your seating therapist.

Does Shonaquip offer occupational or physiotherapy for children with mobility impairment?

Our therapists can offer basic advice related to positioning and make recommendations or referrals for specific therapy to any of our many partner organisations and services.

Does Shonaquip sell nappies or incontinence products?

Unfortunately Shonaquip doesn’t sell incontinence products. Shonaquip recommends that you contact either Clicks, Dischem, NappyCare or Hartmann (PE) for incontinence related queries and Sage for incontinence products.

Does Shonaquip sell grab rails, crutches, walking frames, commodes and other assistive devices?

Shonaquip does not sell these devices and recommends that you contact CE Mobility, Mobility Aids, Presta, Wynberg Pharmacy or other local suppliers of this equipment.

Does Shonaquip sell grab rails, crutches, walking frames, commodes and other assistive devices?
Shonaquip does not sell these devices and recommends that you contact CE Mobility, Mobility Aids, Presta, Wynberg Pharmacy or other local suppliers of this equipment.