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A wheelchair is not a ‘one size fits all’ device. Seek advice when buying a wheelchair, especially if it will be for long term use because an appropriate wheelchair is key to enabling participation and inclusion. The standard folding frame wheelchair in wide use across SA falls far short of meeting the needs of children with moderate to severe mobility impairments. It is also far from ideal that wheelchairs be swopped between users in care centres when children have long term posture support needs.

Professional assessment guides the choice of positioning and mobility devices based on each person’s needs. Our clinical team are trained professionals, expert in Shonaquip devices, but also familiar with a wide range of wheelchair options beyond our own product range. They are committed to the prescription of an appropriate device based on the assessment and referral as necessary.

We recognise that needs change over time as the user gets older and engages in different types of activities in different places. The user and carer should be supported through ongoing professional wheelchair related services across the lifespan.

Shonaquip Services


Seating assessments by trained seating practitioners (often therapists with extra seating training) will find out the physical and lifestyle needs of each client. This ensures their wheelchair or device is just right for them.

Shonaquip Services

Fitting and Customization

All clients need to have their wheelchairs correctly fitted by a trained seating practitioner. This ensures the best possible postural support and mobility is offered to each client. A skilled wheelchair technician can assist in making modifications as needed.

Shonaquip Services

Technical Support and Maintenance

Specialized technicians are available to provide technical support for manual and power wheelchairs. Faulty or missing parts can be replaced and the wheelchair repaired during follow up reviews. A more extensive service may need the wheelchair to be sent to the workshop.

Shonaquip Services

Outreach Services

Outreach wheelchair seating services ensure that people with mobility disabilities have access to services which are affordable and convenient to reach. These services are usually provided together with local staff through seating clinics held close to where users live.