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Outreach Services

These are mobile ‘clinic’ services run by a seating practitioner and a wheelchair technician at community based sites e.g. clinics, schools, institutions or care centres.

These outreach clinics reduce the costs, time and difficulty of transporting users with complex physical problems to the service provider who may live far from the user.

Responsibilities for outreach clinics are arranged between Shonaquip and the local clinic hosts e.g. arranging clients, venue and transport arrangements, staffing documentation, device ordering.

Clinics enable essential user reviews and transfer of skills to happen, which facilitates day to day management and builds the skills of local staff.

Clinics are usually run for a full day or a few hours, determined by local need and can see as many as 15 clients per day.

Services offered:

  • 24 hour positioning routines and options
  • Assessment of user
  • Assessment of environment
  • Ordering of device
  • Fitting and customization of device
  • Review of user and device (check of user and device)
  • Basic maintenance of device
  • Training of user/caregiver in basic positioning and handling, mobility and care when using device
  • Mentoring of technician in basic wheelchair maintenance on site (e.g. general handyman)
  • Mentoring of local therapists in seating process
  • Support of carer and on site staff in practical handling of person with disability
  • Awareness raising and training of staff /family/carers in 24 hour positioning/use of devices/basic positioning /benefits of appropriate seating
  • Referral to educational, social, health related services
Shonaquip Outreach Services
Shonaquip Outreach Services
Shonaquip Outreach Services